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The name BLOOM & STAGE represents a culmination of two passions: my love of growing flowers, as well as creating beautiful arrangements and installations with them (BLOOM), my services do not end with just the florals, I strive to create an environment that uniquely fits the vision of your event with every detail (STAGE).


I have been sustainably & organically farming fruits, vegetables, and flowers in Sonoma County for over 10 years. Recently, I have shifted my primary focus, to my love of flowers and the endless creative possibilities they provide. While I absolutely love growing, my true passion lies in making someone's day unique, special, and memorable with the use of floral design. I have been graced by the mentorship and coaching of my mother, Peggy Nethery, who has owned a successful floral shop in Solano County for over 20 years. 



I strive to tend the land in the most ecologically responsible way, by growing in a bio-intensive, no-till system. I have learned as well as collaborated in the establishment of sustainable practices within the Ag industry in Sonoma County. If I do not use blooms in your project, from my own farm, then I strive to source from others that are local as well as ecologically responsible. 


My passion lies in making your vision come alive.


Beside being a Floral Designer and Farmer, I am also a mother of two and a wife. The desire of raising a family in nature and being able to create somewhat if my own hours, in order to provide care to my young children, is one reason that lead me to pursue farming and start my own business. The last couple of years have been a slow launch towards establishing my business. Of course the pandemic didn't help but I also had Quinn in the winter of 2020. Both Bennett and Quinn light up my life they give me drive to be successful in my endeavors, if only to provide an example to them. 

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