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I have been graced  by the gift of friendship. We call each other sisters, more so than best friends. She is my "rock" when it comes to girlfriends. After trying to grow on a friends farm in Rincon Valley in 2020, which I discovered was further than I realized from my own home, especially when toting 2 young kids along. I approached my friends Allison and David Lowe, to see if I could grow a small amount of flowers on their property which is only one mile from my home in Windsor. The graciously and with excitement, accepted my idea. 

Thus the Bloom & Stage flower farm and flower stand came to fruition in 2021. The farm is approximately 250 linear bed feet. It may be small but is plentiful! Because of the size of the land, I do not grow everything that I use in my Weddings and Events. I do however purchase locally grown blooms whenever possible and support our local Flower Market. @pointwestflowermarket

Thank you lovely friends, for allowing me to cultivate your land in Beauty!!!


Keep a look out on Instagram


for Flower Farm Pop-UP dates and times

All blooms purchased at the flower stand are grown either on the property 

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